What’s keeping you from letting go?

Time passes with a blink of an eye, especially once you have kids. I still gaze at the onesies my boys came home in wondering how on earth they could have ever been so small, so helpless, so utterly dependant on me.

Since becoming a mother I find myself going through phases of being completely overwhelmed to discontent beyond belief. Overwhelmed with the whining, the constant need for attention, trying to keep up with the “Martha Stewart” like moms in my life (well, Martha before prison anyways). Discontent with being “just” a mom. Like I need to add any more titles to my life other than mom, wife, cook, teacher, entrepreneur, janitor, small appliance repair woman, chauffeur… and the list goes on.

Why is being a mom not enough?

So, I’m taking a stand! A stand for mothers everywhere who feel like they are not enough; like they need to do more and be more. Instead of focussing on more, this year I am going to try letting go.


Letting Go

To let go of all the things that drag me down.
The thoughts that keep me up at night.
To let go of the negative body talk.
The constant comparison of myself to others.
To let go of insecurities.
The words I say to myself that tell me I’m not enough.


Less of the crap and more of the good!

What will you let go of this year?


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