Picky Eating Success

New found confidence

“Lacey is very entertaining and easy to listen to. She has great tips to give you the confidence to go home and start making changes right away.”
~ The Art of Feeding Your Picky Eater attendee

Game Changer

“The 3 R’s is a game changer and a mind shift. I now am feeling hopeful. Not only does this take the pressure off my child, but myself.”
~ The Art of Feeding Your Picky Eater attendee

A win for our family

“Lacey has provided insightful, creative ideas for our picky eaters that have helped snack and meal times become less stressful. The reassurance and feedback provided, along with some great ideas, have been a win for our family. Thanks!”
~ Rena K.

Very beneficial for our family!

“I’m so thankful for the knowledge Lacey shares! I’ve learned so much. Children are very intuitive eater’s and we have learned to trust that with our children. When our daughter says she’s done, and responds ‘yes’ when we ask if she’s full, we don’t push it or bribe her. Children are very aware of their hunger cues, I’ve learned that it’s important to respect that. Lacey has lots of knowledge and we are thankful for what we have learned – it’s been very beneficial for our family!!”
~ Alyssa

I’m no longer always looking for my next diet

“I started working with Lacey when I was around 10 months postpartum, and she really helped me hugely!! We started with a food diary which was probably the most helpful part of the whole process for me. She analyzed everything I ate over the course of 3 days and came back to me with totally tailored advice on what I could change in my diet to help me achieve the goals we’d set together.

Lacey provided great advice all the way through our time working together but what made it really impactful was how personalized everything she did was. I never received just “general” dietary advice: everything Lacey suggested for me really was for me. She’s also just a wonderful person and you can tell she’s passionate about helping women to feel good about their bodies and, more importantly, to treat their bodies well.

I am still very much a work in progress, but Lacey has helped me re-wire my brain to stop dieting, restricting foods, thinking about certain foods as “bad” and to allow myself to enjoy the foods that I love and to pay attention to those that make me feel well. She has given me great tools to help me learn my hungry and full signals and to pay attention to those, and she’s also given me some tools to help me start thinking about my body more positively.

Since our time of working together I definitely feel differently about food, I’m no longer always looking for my next diet, I’m generally more relaxed around food and able to keep perspective by thinking of a few “bad” eating days as just that…. a small blip in an otherwise healthy diet and relationship with food.

I really can’t recommend Lacey highly enough – she’s caring, passionate, VERY supportive, has a wealth of knowledge and truly wants to help people. Thank you Lacey!!!”
~ Abbi N

They Fixed Mealtimes. Are You Ready?