The largest takeaway for me was confidence!

I initially reached out to Lacey based on a friends recommendation. I have always attempted to eat healthy, but wasn’t totally confident in my abilities, and wanted to know if there were more or better things I could and should be doing. I had also heard so many different opinions on what is healthy, fad diets, and the “proper” way to feed kids.

I brought all of my concerns to Lacey, we looked at them, and she was able to address them all. She had tons of suggestions for adding more protein and nutrients into our diets, and gave me so many additional ideas for meals. She was able to help dispel some of the myths I’d heard, and made me feel reassured in trusting my toddler to manage his appetite and have some choice in mealtimes.

Probably the biggest thing for me was figuring out meal planning. It is a must for our busy household. And while I’ve always been a planner, I was sick of the same ideas and unsure how my plans held up nutritionally. Knowing this, Lacey let me send her 4-6 weeks of meal plans at a time. She went through them, made changes if needed and added in anything that seemed lacking. She offered various suggestions, most of which were huge hits, and it has meant trying new foods that I never thought I’d cook with. After doing this for a few months with her help, I am confident in my own meal planning for my family and daycare children.

The largest takeaway for me was confidence. I am a constant second-guesser. So for me to now feel comfortable shopping, meal planning, and feeding my family is huge! Furthermore, both my husband and I have seen changes to our overall health after adding in and working with new, healthier, food options.