If feeding your baby was a breeze, you may be left scratching your head now that they’ve entered the dreaded PICKY EATING PHASE!

It feels like your sweet, food-loving baby was replaced with a child who’s job it is to drive you absolutely nuts at meal times.

Throwing food.
Refusing to eat food they loved just a day ago.
Eating barely anything at all one day, then eating everything the next.

No you’re not crazy! And I promise, your little eater IS NOT trying to drive you crazy either.

This picky eating phase is no joke, and it’s not just going to fade away either. The worst part is, the way you deal with picky eating now can have major consequences for your child’s relationship with food for decades to come!

Throwing a couple cute, cookie cutter sandwiches at the problem just isn’t going to cut it!

Let us help you fix meal times with your picky eater for good… the right way!

No more guessing if they’ll actually eat what you cook.
End the days of running to the kitchen to grab special food.
Stop worrying about every bite they eat.

With us, you get simple, practical tips and tactics from a Registered Dietitian and Picky Eating Expert proven to fix meal times for good.

"Within 2 days, mealtime has already improved tremendously thanks to Lacey’s 3R’s and a renewed sense of hope. Thanks so much!"
Meaghan G.H
Mom of 2
"Lacey has provided insightful, creative ideas for our picky eaters that have helped snack and meal times become less stressful. The reassurance and feedback provided, along with some great ideas, have been a win for our family. Thanks!"
Rena K
Mom of 2

What We Offer

three non picky eater toddlers having fun when eating their food

Picky Eater Basics

Minor adjustments can make all the difference to your meal times. With this package we cover the TWO most common issues parents of picky eaters have.... getting their kids to eat protein and vegetables. Learn more by clicking below.

picky eater pro toddler sitting in his high chair and feeding broccoli to his stuffed dinosaur

Picky Eater PRO

Everything is a mess and you're in need of a full on mealtime make-over. With this package we deep dive into every nook and cranny of mealtimes to make sure you have all your bases covered. Learn more by clicking below.

A mom and her two kids are prepping food in the kitchen for supper while following the Dietproof ™ program

Dietproof ™ their Childhood

Coming Soon! Your ONLINE Ultimate Guide to raising a happy, healthy, intuitive eater.

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