Raising a Picky Eater

Parenting your way out of picky eating

Is feeding your family overlycomplicated?

There are 3 things you can’t make kids do: eat, poop, and sleep. So unless your picky eater actually CHOOSES to eat the food you’ve made, you’re out of luck. Back to serving to Goldfish crackers and granola bars….. or are you?!

Most kids go through a picky eater phase anywhere from the age 12 months – 6 years old…..

BUT…… you being here tells me you’re not willing to just sit back and wait it out!

Worrying won't fix meal times

Meal times don’t have to be so hard. You shouldn’t have to make two or three different meals to be assured everyone will eat something. Or resort to using bribes of sweets and special treats just to get a few good bites of food in.

I get it. You’re worried about their health. You torture yourself with thoughts of all the “what if’s.”

What if:

  • They don’t eat anything at all? They can’t afford to lose any more weight.
  • All they eat is noodles for supper? That can’t be nutritious enough for their growing body.
  • They never eat a vegetable…. like ever?

Learning to take back meal times

You’ve been wanting your picky eater to eat more variety for a long time, you just haven’t figured out how to do it yet. It’s time to learn how to take back meal times, and how to parent your picky eater.

With my help, you’ll soon learn everything you need to:

  • Stop meal time tantrums in their tracks.
  • Make one meal for the whole family where everyone will leave the table satisfied… including your picky eater.
  • Set clear, reliable boundaries at meal times so everyone is on the same page.
  • Parent your picky eater with confidence and ease.

Stop procrastinating! Your child’s picky eating isn’t just going to go away.

Don’t settle for making separate meals. Your picky eater CAN learn how to enjoy new foods. You just need the right person in your corner to help you learn the new skill of parenting a picky eater.


Lacey Engel your picky eating Expert

What our past clients had to say about working with us:

"Lacey shares practical, hands on techniques that work! Her experience is tried, tested and true and she is my most valuable resource when it comes to feeding my little one."
"Within 2 days, mealtime has already improved tremendously thanks to Lacey's 3R's and a renewed sense of hope. Thanks so much!"