Number 1 Reason You’re Busy but Not Productive

If you’re busy but not productive it’s because you have KIDS!!!

THE END!!!!! I can’t offer you help, hope, or anything in between because I’m in the same boat. The boat that’s circling round and around getting nowhere…. not sinking, but not really going anywhere fast.

Lost in the Bermuda Triangle of Motherhood

My boat is filled with toys, books, diapers, laundry, grocery shopping, play dates, and a teeny tiny port hole I

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Dream vs Reality: How do you measure up as a mom?

Are you the mom you always dreamed you would be? If a resounding “NO” just blurted from your mouth without you even thinking, than I’m in good company. So what is it? Are our dreams of being a stellar mom so far fetched that they are unreachable, or are we spreading ourselves too thin each day leaving nothing left to reach superstar status?


Resignation of a dream

For me, I always wanted to be

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War between nipples: Is breastfeeding really best?

I will never forget the sinking feeling I got when I exhaustedly yelled at my husband to give the boys formula. After five long months of breastfeeding my boys on demand I had enough. Sleeping for no more than three hour intervals had taken its toll and every inch of my being was screaming to be done; to give up breastfeeding for good. After calling for reinforcements and getting a full 6 hours sleep I

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10 Healthy Habits Every Mom Should Adopt for the New Year

This isn’t your average New Year’s Resolution list. It has nothing to do with losing weight, but everything to do with shedding all the unnecessary self-doubt, shame, and comparisons. Make this year more than just thinning you waist line or fattening up your wallet. 2019 can be the year you finally get back to the core of what makes you happy.

Why you NEED this List

One thing I’ve learned about motherhood is nothing, I

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