How to Stock Up On Food For COVID-19

With all the craziness of COVID-19 people are stocking up on the weirdest things… toilet paper anybody? Am I right! That’s EXACTLY why we created this quick guide to stocking up on food.

We all react different to stress

I get it, we all react differently to high stress situations. Some of us freeze up and can’t even process what’s happening. Others jump into action before they even really understand what’s happening (AKA the toilet paper hoarders). While other’s laugh as they’ve been “dooms day” prepping for years!

Whatever category you fall into, this quick guide to stocking your pantry, fridge and freezer can help guide your purchases.


Here’s a link to print a PDF version of the Basic Guide to a Well Stocked Food Supply:   Pantry Essentials

Want more information about stocking up on foods?

Check out this guest blog post by Catherine Beaudoin of Zesty Kits.

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