The Art of Feeding Your Picky Eater

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Date(s) - 20/11/2019
8:30 pm - 9:30 pm


When you’ve tried everything and nothings worked it’s easy to think your picky eater will never get past this phase. You worry that no matter what you do they will never eat meat or vegetables or anything close to a balanced diet. Trust me you’re not alone.

Surviving meal times with a picky eater can be daunting, but what if I told you that you could put an end to all the meal time madness and confidently lead your little one to try new foods. Registered Dietitian, mom, and Picky Eating Specialist, Lacey Engel has helped families just like yours learn to eat and ENJOY new foods without bribes, coercion, or empty threats. She’s sharing her unique approach to meal times for the first time in an one hour, online class.

Meal time made easy and fun

What you will learn from this class:

  • The five most common reasons meal times are such a struggle for most families with young children.
  • How to fix meal times for good with “The 3 R’s”
  • Ten meal time hacks that save you time, money, food waste, and help your picky eater actually want to try new food.

After this class you will:

  • Have a concrete plan on what needs to change at meal times to end the battles before they start.
  • Confidently know how to help your picky eater get past the initial fear of new foods and move towards eating those foods.
  • Know exactly how to turn a “yucky” meal around with one of the ten meal time hacks you will learn.


Instead of feeling helpless, worried, and frustrated beyond belief join Lacey to learn the Art of Feeding Your Picky Eater.

Don’t wait to sign up! This online class is available only for a limited time at one low cost of $25. Once you register you will have access to handouts and other printables to help you follow along during the class and when you’re in the trenches at meal times.

What are you waiting for? Register now.

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Not sure this is for you? Here is what a few moms had to say after our class:

“Within 2 days, mealtime has already improved tremendously thanks to Lacey’s 3R’s and a renewed sense of hope. Thanks so much!” – Meghan H.

“The 3 R’s – it’s a game changer and a mind shift. I am feeling hopeful. Not only takes the pressure off my child by myself too.” Mom of a 2 year old.

“Lacey is very entertaining and easy to listen to. I feel like I have strategies to take and try right away.” Mom of a stubborn 2 1/2 year old.

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