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If you’re tired of obsessing about food, eating your emotions, and fed up with late night Netflix and binge sessions, Dietproof™ is a comprehensive online training program to help you retrain your brain about food.

Is this YOU?

  • “I eat just fine during the day, but at night I can’t seem to help myself.”
  • “I’ve tried and failed so many different diets. I just don’t have the willpower to stick with it for the long term.”
  • “The thought of loving my body is laughable. I barely even know who this person is since becoming a mom.”
  • “I know my kids are watching me and it terrifies me to think one day my child will struggle with food if I don’t change.”

Me too!

For years I tried everything to get the body I wanted; the body I thought eating less food, and running marathons would get me. Two half-marathons later, I was still slathering my thighs with anti-chafing cream. It finally dawned on me that my body was never meant to be anything different. 

The moment I let go of chasing a body that wasn’t mine, was the day I felt free around food. I finally started to feel more comfortable in my own skin. Having my kids emulate and mimic every thing I do and say, reminds me daily why I need to continue to help more moms get to this place too!

What exactly is Dietproof™?

This online class is a self-paced, educational program designed to guide you step-by-step towards retraining your brain about food.

The Dietproof™ 5 Foundation Keystones include:

  1. Redefining what normal, healthy eating looks like.
  2. Getting back in touch with your hunger and fullness.
  3. Dealing with triggers that drive you to eat.
  4. Rebuilding your body image and releasing body shame.
  5. Learning how to talk to your kids about food and their growing body.

How it works

Online content

You will have unlimited, online access the 5 foundation keystones of Dietproof™. Through a combination of videos, handouts and other resources you will deep dive and start healing your relationship with food and your body.

Group Support

In addition to having access to me, you’ll be invited to participate in a private Facebook group where members can share insights, provide support, and encourage one another through your individual journeys.

Coaching Calls

For additional support as you move through the 5 foundation keystones you will have the opportunity to have two, 30 minute coaching calls with me.

Lifetime Access

Move at your own pace and revisit any of the 5 foundation keystones at any time. All future updates to the program will also be made available to you going forward.

What clients are saying about the Dietproof™ program:

Lacey has helped me re-wire my brain to stop dieting, restricting foods, thinking about certain foods as “bad” and to allow myself to enjoy the foods that I love and to pay attention to those that make me feel well. She has given me great tools to help me learn my hungry and full signals and to pay attention to those, and she’s also given me some tools to help me start thinking about my body more positively. Since our time of working together I definitely feel differently about food, I’m no longer always looking for my next diet, I’m generally more relaxed around food and able to keep perspective by thinking of a few “bad” eating days as just that…. a small blip in an otherwise healthy diet and relationship with food. I really can’t recommend Lacey highly enough. – Abbi N.


Dietproof™ begins September 10, 2019

(Ask me about how I can save you $125 OFF when you register)


Interested but still not sure Dietproof is right for you? No problem!

Take one minute to fill out the application form below. From there we’ll jump on a quick 10 minute phone call to address any questions or concerns you still have.

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