Learn to Raise an Intuitive Eater

A Picky Eater is born…. but they can be raised too!

Most kids go through a picky eater phase. Even though it’s a natural and part of their growth and development it does NOT mean you need to just accept how crappy, and stressful meal times are right now!


Meal times don’t have to be so hard

Bulk buying Goldfish crackers and applesauce doesn’t have to be your life for the next 5 years! Your picky eater CAN learn how to eat new foods, you just need someone in your corner to guide you through the tough patches.


Let me ask you this question…..

When was the last time you actually made one meal the whole family ate?

If you’re still thinking about it, it’s been far too long!



With my help, you’ll soon know everything you need to:

  • Stop meal time tantrums in their tracks.
  • Avoid the trap of grazing all day, but then not eating real meals.
  • Make one meal for the whole family where everyone will leave the table satisfied… including your picky eater.
  • Set clear, reliable boundaries at meal times so everyone is on the same page.
  • Raise a body confident, intuitive eater.