About BBN

My name is Lacey Engel, a mother first and foremost, and a Registered Dietitian. Fueled by coffee, a love of chocolate and cream cheese icing, I’m passionate about helping families raise healthy eaters in our diet obsessed culture.

How did BBN come to be?

In 2015, I was catapulted into motherhood with the birth of my twin boys. It wasn’t until I was elbow deep in diapers and in the throws of tandem breastfeeding my boys, preparing for the next step of offering solids that I became blatantly aware of all the crap advice first time moms get about feeding their kids. Border-line harmful advice being spewed by every Know-it-all-Nancy or Organic-No-Sugar-Sara’s, moms are completely bombarded with random opinions, crazy high expectations, and “truths” about feeding their kids (most of which are complete Bulls$^*!)

Learning HOW to feed kids the right way became my obsession.

No two kids are alike, even my boys who were womb-mates, but it became apparent to me that their IS a wrong way and a right way to feed your kids. I’m not talking about the great debate about baby-led weaning versus traditional weaning, but your actual approach to feeding and parenting in general.

When it comes to food and meal times, I have a few core beliefs:

  • All food can fit in a healthy diet. No food is off limits.
  • Food is neither inherently good or bad. In fact it holds no morality at all. Food is just food. And you are not good or bad for eating certain foods.
  • Picky eaters are CREATED when we overstep our roles as parents and caregivers.
  • Resetting the balance at meal times only happens when abide by the principles of intuitive eating.

After reading hundreds of research papers, books and resources from the top experts in the fields of nutrition, psychology, and parenting, I came up with a creative solution to help families stop the meal time chaos and focus on what actually matters, connection.

Since then, I’ve helped so many families re-write their meal times, from crazy-chaotic-stressful-messy meals to laughing-joyful-happy meals.

And now I want to help you find the joy in meal time too.

Click HERE if you want to Learn HOW to feed your kids and bring back the joy in meal times