About BBN & Lacey


Ahhh, the many faces me! The expert, the mom, and the outdoor enthusiast (the thing that keeps me sane being and doing all those things.)

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Lacey the brains (and beauty, ahem!!) behind Beyond Baby Nutrition (BBN).

Growing up I was the cute little girl who would gob in her hand, show it to everyone, then slurp it back up again. I loved trying to save baby birds, catch frogs in the ditch, and scoop earthworms out of puddles when it rained.

When it came to food, I’m honestly not sure how my mom managed. I was the weirdest kid! I remember sitting on Kaiser buns to make them flat or else I wouldn’t eat them. And the only way I would eat a cooked chicken thigh was to dissect it first to touch the cartilage, and trace back all the blood vessels with my fingers.

So, you see I get where your kids are coming from.
The kids who need to touch, feel, and experiment with food.

Being a mother myself and raising twin boys has also taught me how to deal with the kids who absolutely refuse to get their hands dirty or refuse to be near new foods.

Being a parent sure is humbling, isn’t it?!

The other thing you need to know about me….

I likely grew up just like you; in a house bursting at the seams with diet culture. Before I was 10 years old, I had already seen my mom go on dozens of diets. I could recite foods along with their Weight Watcher points, and I knew at the ripe old age of 12 that I should hate my body.

I was one of the lucky ones….

I seemed to come out of my teens rather unscathed, although I did try my fair share of trying “cellulite blasting cream” and saran wrapping body parts.

I always believed that if I could just be make my thighs less jiggly, my freckles disappear, my boobs bigger, and grow 4-6 more inches I would be happy. That if I ate “good,” stayed active, lifted weights, and avoided all the bad foods that I would be skinny. And by skinny I meant the 6 foot tall, 110 lbs supermodels in the magazines.

But, I was lying to myself….

When my height topped out at 5’6,”my body was riddled with stretch marks and cellulite despite eating the right things and being active I knew something wasn’t right.

It wasn’t that I was not trying hard enough, or that I didn’t want it bad enough, or even that I didn’t have enough will power to succeed. The real hard truth I learned is that restriction, in the mind or body, breeds bingeing.

I saw it in my mom for decades, and now it all finally made sense. She dieted, lost a ton of weight, then gained it back and then some. Year after year the same cycle, the same yo-yo.

In fact 95% of people who diet will gain all their weight back and more within 1-5 years!

I for one refuse to raise kids who tie their self worth to the size of their jeans. To raise kids who believe that certain foods are bad for them; who start the cycle of restricting and bingeing before they even head to kindergarten.

Where does it end?

It ends here, today. It ends with you!

What if instead of teaching our kids about “health and nutrition” we focus our efforts on raising a generation of kids who know that food is more than just fuel. That food is neither good, nor bad.

What if we work to instill in them that the way they look on the outside is only a tiny piece of who they are as a person. And to drive home the fact that health is so much more than numbers on a scale.

And that my friend is exactly what I’m going to help you do!