Dream vs Reality: How do you measure up as a mom?

Are you the mom you always dreamed you would be? If a resounding “NO” just blurted from your mouth without you even thinking, than I’m in good company. So what is it? Are our dreams of being a stellar mom so far fetched that they are unreachable, or are we spreading ourselves too thin each day leaving nothing left to reach superstar status?


Resignation of a dream

For me, I always wanted to be

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Two Things You Need To Do TODAY To Be Healthier TOMORROW

Society is stuck on dieting and our poor children are suffering as a consequence. Their spongy little brains pick up on the slightest insinuation of what foods are “good” or “bad”, “healthy” or “unhealthy;” whether you think you need to lose weight or hate your thighs. Since dieting has been proven time and time again NOT to work, how do we learn to feed ourselves, body, mind, and soul, so our children can learn to

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