2 Tips to Improve Mindfulness around Halloween Candy for Kids

The anxiety you feel when you let your little ones explore and indulge in candy is more about your own discomfort in giving up control.

Repeat after me: ________ (child’s name) can be trusted around treats.

Will they inevitably eat too much one day?

Does that make them bad or not an intuitive eater?
Not in the least. It means they are human! Congrats, you are in fact raising a human being (contrary to how you may feel some days)

How can you help your little one to be more mindful when all they want to do is eat more and more candy?

Tip #1: Allow them to pick a certain number of candies to eat with a meal or snack, and stick to that number.
(And yes, the candy will likely get eaten first and that’s ok!)

Tip #2: Pick one or two days a week where candy is all that’s served as a snack (along with milk or water)
Be prepared that your child will be hungry sooner these days, then use it as a teaching opportunity.
For example you could say: “Candy is delicious but it doesn’t keep us full for long. What food do you think we should add to our candy snack, a yogurt, a muffin, some crackers and cheese”… etc.

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Hope this helps!!

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