10 Healthy Habits Every Mom Should Adopt for the New Year

This isn’t your average New Year’s Resolution list. It has nothing to do with losing weight, but everything to do with shedding all the unnecessary self-doubt, shame, and comparisons. Make this year more than just thinning you waist line or fattening up your wallet. 2019 can be the year you finally get back to the core of what makes you happy.

Why you NEED this List

One thing I’ve learned about motherhood is nothing, I mean NOTHING, prepares you for the all consuming-ness of being a mom. To be so wrapped up and inter-woven into every detail of your kids lives. Making sure they are living THEIR BEST LIFE, all the while we’re living off bread crumbs. Depriving ourselves of all the things we used to take for granted, all because we’re told that loving someone means you put them first. Which undoubtedly means we come last or not at all.

Well this year, this list, will help you climb back on your list of “Things To Do!” Don’t let motherhood fool you into thinking that your family’s happiness should be above your own. You matter too! Your happiness matters, your joy matters, your fulfillment matters.

How to Get Started

The idea of changing 10 major things in your life is enough to make any mom pull the covers over her eyes and binge watch another season of Grey’s Anatomy or Outlander. It seems like too much to do on top of keeping the little’s alive and thriving. The goal here isn’t to take everything on at once, but to find the one habit that seems the easiest to work on right now.

Why the easiest? If you start off with a habit that’s too challenging to achieve, you’ll give up the 9 others without even trying. You need to set yourself up for a win. So choose your first habit wisely!

How long it takes you to work through each of the habits is completely up to you. Most experts say it can take anywhere from weeks to months for a habit to truly be changed, so be patient and give yourself some grace as you work through checking each habit off this list.

10 Healthy Habits every mom should adopt this New Year. Not your average resolution list; it's much more to do with shedding shame than shedding pounds.


As you can see, these 10 habits are all about more; adding more goodness to your life. Finding the things in your life you love and leaving the rest. So now that we’ve equipped you with 10 Healthy Habits to kick off the new year, which one will you start with?

4 thoughts on “10 Healthy Habits Every Mom Should Adopt for the New Year”

  1. 4 through 9! When I lived alone with just my 2 cats it was so easy to focus, centre and relax. Now, with a partner, a stepdaughter, 2 dogs and a cat… I find myself lost in my days and not carving out the time to do the things I need to fill my soul. Often times I find I only need 15 minutes, but for whatever reason I have conjured that day, I struggle to prioritize myself and put the happiness and wellbeing of others above my own.

    • It’s so easy to get lost in the business of the day. Being intentional and making that time, not finding it, is the first step to carve that time out for yourself. It may take some time to figure out what part of the day is easiest for you to create “me time” but once you figure it out the next step is consistency. Thanks for your honesty, Riley and well wishes on your journey to work on healthy habits 4-9!

  2. THIS! Thank you for helping to change the message women, and specifically new moms, hear! It is so very difficult to stay body positive and to learn to love yourself when there is a multi billion dollar industry trying to tell you you’re not enough! I love that I’ve found another positive. Once to listen to. ❤❤❤

    • Aww thanks for the sweet comments Nicole! You’re so right about how hard it is to stay body positive after having kids! I remember seeing pictures of celebrities minutes after giving birth looking slim, trim and fabulous. While I was still wearing granny panties, hobbling around like the “amazing sawed in half woman” from the circus weeks after having a c-section with my boys. Just know that you are enough and your body, in this exact moment as you’re reading this message, is enough!


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