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Find out the three things you're doing right now that are causing fights at the table and three easy strategies you can use today to have a happier meal time tonight!

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You've tried every trick in the book. Online mommy groups are useless. You're ready to throw in the towel and just keep serving up chicken nuggets and applesauce for the next 5 years, hoping, praying something will change. If this sounds like you, THERE IS STILL HOPE!!

Quit catering to your picky eater and learn what to do instead!

Proven tips, tricks, and strategies to kick start your little one's love of foods that aren't beige and bland! Join me and hundreds of other moms as we deal with the daily struggles of picky eating.

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Being a mom of a picky eater can be so isolating. No one understands the frustrations, the feeling of being a failure, and the daily inner conflict you deal with trying to figure out if you have the energy to try to get your kid to eat something new, or do you just give in and serve what you know they will eat. What if I told you you're not alone, and there's an EASIER way.