End Picky Eating Battles for Good

Helping you make meal times easier so you can raise happy, healthy, intuitive eaters for life.

fussy toddler feeding a bear instead of eating

Meal times unbearable?

Begging and bribing your child to eat veggies?
Stressing about if they’re getting enough protein in their diet?
Feel like you spend most of your day feeding your child snacks?

Picky eating is normal…. BUT it doesn’t mean you have to grin-and-bear-it for the next 5 years!

Your picky eater CAN learn to like new foods, you just need an expert in your corner to show you the right way to do it!

What can change for you?

Picky Eater Basics

Minor adjustments can make all the difference to your meal times.
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Picky Eater PRO

In-depth look into why meal times are the way they are.
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Dietproof™ their Childhood

Coming Soon! The Ultimate Guide to raising a happy, healthy, intuitive eater.
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We will take the stress out of meal times

Counting bites, portions, and stressing over every morsel they refuse to eat is no way to spend meal times. Our main priority is to give you  all the tools you need to stop stressing over meals, and start   connecting instead!


Mom of twin boys, and the brains behind Beyond Baby Nutrition.

I’m passionate about helping families fix picky eating issues AND learn to raise happy, healthy, intuitive eaters.

My food motto is: Everything fits into a healthy, balanced diet.

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Lacey Engel
Registered Dietitian

Picky eating isn't just going to go away.

Can you handle meal times being this way for 5 more years?
Feeding your kids doesn’t have to be this hard.

The way you deal with picky eating today will have a lasting impact for years to come.

Within 2 days, mealtime has already improved tremendously thanks to Lacey’s 3R’s and a renewed sense of hope. Thanks so much!”
~ Meaghan G.H

“Lacey does a great job explaining in a relatable, non-judgemental way why common mealtime issues happen and how to start addressing them. Mealtime stress as dramatically decreased since attending one of BBN’s classes and adopting her techniques!”
~ Allie K.

“The 3 R’s is a game changer and a mind shift. I now am feeling hopeful. Not only does this take the pressure off my child, but myself.”
~ The Art of Feeding Your Picky Eater attendee

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