Tired of obsessing about food, and then beating yourself up when you finally do get a chance to eat?

I get it! Ditch Your Resolutions For A Healthier YOU is an online program designed to help retrain your brain about food.

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What people are saying about us:

I’m no longer always looking for my next diet

I started working with Lacey when I was around 10 months postpartum, and she really helped me hugely!! We started… Read more “I’m no longer always looking for my next diet”

Abbi N.

A win for our family

The reassurance and feedback provided, along with some great ideas, have been a win for our family. Thanks!… Read more “A win for our family”

Rena K

The largest takeaway for me was confidence!

The largest takeaway for me was confidence. I am a constant second-guesser. So for me to now feel comfortable shopping, meal planning, and feeding my family is huge! … Read more “The largest takeaway for me was confidence!”

Andrea M

Very beneficial for our family!

Lacey has lots of knowledge and we are thankful for what we have learned – it’s been very beneficial for our family!!… Read more “Very beneficial for our family!”

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